Me & my story.

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Mel and I’d like to share the story of My Weight Loss Transformation with you.  My weight had ballooned to 23 stone, I was only 44 and I was diagnosed with having the start of type 2 Diabetes.  I developed bad eating habits and a poor lifestyle. (I like to call it Snack ‘n’ Slouch.) This was partly due to working in a demanding job as a Carer. My shift patterns in my Job would often leave me too tired to cook. Plus not knowing the right foods to eat would often make me grab junk food on my way home. Most of the time I would just eat and then laze around until my bedtime. As I grew larger my weight was slowly killing me and I didn’t even realise.  Then one day I caught myself in the Mirror and I decided Action needed to be taken and It needed to be fast!!!.. I hope you’ll look through this website  and my weight loss transformation storey Inspirers you and gives you some ideas. Because if I can do it so can you! 

P.S I’m new to all this Website stuff so I hope this makes some sort of sense.