A Watery Alarm Clock.

Two of my biggest problems were, always forgetting to drink enough water and falling asleep straight after my evening meal…  I would often develop a raging thirst which I quenched  with loads of sugary Soda. I would often mistake my thirst for hunger  and eat more.  This problem was easy to solve. I just carried a water bottle around with me which I bought from Amazon and just drank whenever I could. The second was a lot harder. It was like a switch being flicked off. I would find myself sleeping for hours on the sofa, while the world revolved around me.  I would even set my Alarm on my phone but that wouldn’t wake me. What to do???  As I drank the water I noticed nature doing its part and the more water I drank, the more trips to the Toilet I needed. One busy day I left my water bottle at work, so I drank a large glass of water after my evening meal. I fell asleep on the sofa as usual but within an hour I woke up needing to go to the toilet. which gave me an idea. I would try drinking a large glass of water after my next evening meal to see what would happen. Again I fell asleep and again I woke up a short time later wanting to go to the toilet! I tried it again… and again the same thing happened, so I made it part of my evening meal. I broke the habit of sleeping by turning my body into its own watery Alarm clock. Now the time I gained back through not sleeping I decided to try and exercise.