The New Me.

I was hooked on savoury junk food which was my downfall. When I started to read the labels and compare the ingredients I realised I loved the salt & spices. So I had an Idea, I’d start eating bulky low fat, low salt whole foods and add sauces and seasonings. I swapped the junk food for old fashioned staples, like brown rice & beans instead of chips & hot dips which were two of my go to junk food favourites. I started to search the internet for recipes, I found most of my meal ideas on websites such as Slimming world, Weight Watchers and Facebook pages like Forks over knives. As I researched I found myself trying more and more vegetarian dishes.  My diet became more and more vegetarian, but I saved small portioned meat dishes as a treat when I reached a weight target goal. When I ate the meat I felt Sluggish and bloated. So I decided to cut out meat altogether just to see what would happen?…  My weight loss accelerated and as I started to lose the pounds I became more energized, I felt like a new person! So I became a Vegetarian. I also stayed away from highly processed vegetarian foods because some of them contained as much junk as the junk foods I was trying to avoid. The only downside of my new diet was the time it took to cook a meal, which was one of the reasons I would grab junk food in the first place. So instead of cooking say one portion of rice, I’d cook a Batch and freeze it, then reheat it in the microwave when I needed it. I started to look forward to coming home and eating simple home cooked food, plus I was saving money. It was such a buzz to look in the mirror and see my body shrink, it motivated me to carry on. My Diet became a new lifestyle which helped me become the new Me.